Friday, June 09, 2006

Collective collage from the project Brain Cell, sent in by Ryosuke Cohen, Japan. [apologies to Ryosuke, the scanner wouldn't allow us to copy the collage in one piece].
Pass the envelope(s) please!

Art by Jaromir Svozilik, Norway
Artwork by Bill Thomson, Canada. Bill is responsible for getting me addicted to Artist Trading Cards which in effect brought me back into mail art. Thanks Bill ...

Art & poetry by Lauren Curtis, USA


At least 70 of us
All women
All Sophia
Which equals Wisdom.
A ring of interlaced fingers.
Clockwise movement
Courses through us
Like a primordial soup.

The tribe enters
Our souls
Drumming and clapping
Like an electric storm.
The thunder comes
From our voices
Now one voice
In three parts ...
She is here!

Ancient screams
Pass through
Modern lips
Plucking our chords
Like Orpheus.

Bring it down ...
Bring it down ...
It rests on the floor
In the Earth.
Back to her words.
We called it out.
And replaced it.
Grounded again
We are now wiser.
Postcard from Antonio Sassu, Italy

Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Paper doll" by Barend G Van der Gracht, Belgium, you can check out Barend's website at:

Cover of artist book by Karen Anne Young, USA

Postcard by Amilie Poulain, Canada

The Simon Warren Journal Project, U.K.

[we apologize but were unable to get the scan any larger]

Stamps and Artist Statement by G.T. Byrd, which reads:

"Artist's Statement by G. T. Byrd - March 20,2006 - SPOIL

US Postage stamp depicting an allegory of the freedom that was stolen while you slept

Kidnapped, drugged and sold for a few barrels of oil by the puppet-master Cheney and his shotgun toting gang of greasy goons, Libbie awakens on the backstreets of Baghdad to find herself forced to work a trade for which she is ill-suited. In one long and horrifying moment of clarity, she glimpses a forever-soiled future as just another pumped petrotoy in the cartel's slave pit. Forced to watch her once strong beacon of light fade, she is repeatedly and wantonly abused at the whim of cruel despots, greedy oligarchs and unjust theocrats."

Monoprint by blue apple, Canada
Envelope from Pinky, France
Dan Wild offers up this "literal" translation of Pinky's Poem:


Sometimes, but it is not often
I feel like throwing up
Sometimes, but it is not often
I feel like hitting something
Sometimes, but it is not often
I like like "me flinguer"
Sometimes, but it is not often
I feel like telephoning him
Sometimes, but it is not often
I have some regrets
Sometimes, but it is not often
I feel like loving
Sometimes, but it is not often
Everything makes me laugh
Sometimes, but it is not often
I shall die.

Poem by Pinky, France

Art by Jan-Willem Doornenbal, Netherlands
Maybe fairytales
make us misfits
in reality
[Bill Moyers to Joseph Campbell in The Power Of Myth]
Monoprint by Gail D. Canada

Art by gahlil, Canada
Postcard by Clemente Padin, Uruguay

Postcard by Olga Sorokina, Russia

Art by Dorian Ribas Marinho, Brasil

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


postcard (10 X 15)

send to: dott.ssa Tiziana Baracchi
via Cavallotti 83/b
30171 Venezia - Mestre

technic: free


Art by Jan-Willem Doornenbal, The Netherlands

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Postcard by Tiziana Baracchi, Italy

Art by Kelly Henninger, Canada
TOREMY and the Dragon I

I saw the Dragon again last night
But they would not believe me
He yelled "Toremy! Toremy!"
He brought in the old sick dog
I saw the old dog on the road
He dragged and dragged that heavy load
The Dragon's nose put out fire
A big mouth was ready
For little girls or boys
He yelled "Toremy! Toremy!"
But they would not believe me
The old dog died on the carpet
They said I did it
Brought in the old dog
But the Dragon did it
Still they would not believe me.

- Art & poem by Isabel Sturgeon, Canada
Art by Domenico Severino, Italy

Monday, June 05, 2006

Art by J.A. Italiano, Uruguay
Postcard from Domingo Frades, Spain
Postcard from Luis Diaz Garcia, Spain
Art by Roberta Taylor, Canada
Postcard from Abu Bakar Idris, Malaysia

Sunday, June 04, 2006

From the desk of Ed Giecek, USA