Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stamps and Artist Statement by G.T. Byrd, which reads:

"Artist's Statement by G. T. Byrd - March 20,2006 - SPOIL

US Postage stamp depicting an allegory of the freedom that was stolen while you slept

Kidnapped, drugged and sold for a few barrels of oil by the puppet-master Cheney and his shotgun toting gang of greasy goons, Libbie awakens on the backstreets of Baghdad to find herself forced to work a trade for which she is ill-suited. In one long and horrifying moment of clarity, she glimpses a forever-soiled future as just another pumped petrotoy in the cartel's slave pit. Forced to watch her once strong beacon of light fade, she is repeatedly and wantonly abused at the whim of cruel despots, greedy oligarchs and unjust theocrats."


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