Monday, August 14, 2006

"Then you will part with your own life", the
little man squeaked. "You either give me the
ring, or I won't turn the straw into gold."

There was nothing the girl could do. She
took off her ring, stared at it through tear-
stained eyes, and handed it to the dwarf.

He quickly dropped the ring into his pocket,
sat down at the spinning wheel, and again
began spinning the straw into gold. The wheel
spun so fast it made the girl dizzy to watch it.
She closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes hours later, the
little man was gone. The entire room was filled
with gold, all the way up to the ceiling.

The king and his men burst into the room.
"magnificent!" the king roared. "There is one
more room filled with straw. You will turn it
into gold tonight, and after you have done that,
I shall reward you."

"How?" asked the girl.


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